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Up to 12 Shades Whiter Teeth. NanoChroma™ Shade Selection, PolarGuard™, GumGuard™, UltraWhite™ Treatments. Perfect shade mapping, clear timeline, and a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy your favorite show or movie.

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The Ideal Smile Method:

Uncomplicated and stress-free

Step 1: Take eligibility quiz

Just answer a few easy questions about your dental history and what you want for your smile. Find out right away if you can get that brighter, confident smile.

Step 2: Come in, and relax.

Your dedicated team uses NanoChroma™ shade mapping to pick your perfect shade and set a clear timeline. Then, we apply PolarGuard™, GumGuard™, and UltraWhite™ treatments. Relax and enjoy your favorite show/movie in a relaxing atmosphere.

Step 3: Enjoy your New smile.

Confidently flash your smile in photos, chats, and every mirror glance, enjoying a self-confidence boost that lights up any room—just like 92.88% of our clients

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Nano Chroma™

No guesswork.
Precise Results.

NanoCroma shade mapping to ensure you reach your ideal shade, perfectly balanced between white and natural. Not blindingly white, nor yellow.

Polar Guard™

No Sensitivity.
Strengthen Enamel.

Strengthen enamel without causing sensitivity. Which means you experience comfort without pain or sensitivity.

Ultra White™

Best of the Best. Professional Whitening.

You’ll get the best of the best, which means you get the cleanest, safest ingredients that delivers exceptional results

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Two smiling individuals at a promotional event for Teeth Whitening Ottawa, standing in front of a backdrop with the branding
Jacob & Emily | Ottawa

“As for the results, they’ve helped us get 24.8 shades whiter, and Jacob’s even topped that at 26.9 which is crazy. Unbelievable work

Lisa | Ottawa

“Despite feeling a little sensitive in the beginning, I’m blown away by the results. Saw a 27.9 shade improvement in my smile.” 

A cheerful man wearing a black cap and olive green t-shirt, smiling in front of a promotional backdrop with
Michael | Ottawa

“Upwhiten has beaten out every other teeth whitening provider I have ever worked with in the past decade”

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Low Financial Cost

Polar Guard™

Sensitivity Protocol

Gum Guard™

Inner-mouth Protocol


Professional Whitening Gel

Nano Chroma™

Perfect Shade Mapping

Real-Time Comfort Monitoring™

Relax Completely

31.8 shades in just one session

"I've finally found an effective teeth whitening service I can recommend to everyone because they're just that outstanding! They're called Upwhiten by Anas, and these guys have transformed my smile by 31.8 shades in just one session! Truly a game-changer for my personal and professional presence!"
Jessica | Ottawa
A close-up of a person's smile, showcasing pink lips and teeth whitening Ottawa.
A close-up of a person's smile, showcasing glossy red lips and a set of white teeth after a teeth whitening session in Ottawa.

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We totally hear you. No one likes to feel pain. That’s why we’ve got the smart tech and gentle methods down to a fine art. We use Real-Time Comfort Monitoring: It’s like having a co-pilot for your comfort, ensuring a smooth ride from start to finish. No bumps, just a seamless whitening journey. We also use Polar Guard™ and Gum Guard™ with personalized treatments, we minimize discomfort and keep those sensitive teeth of yours happy. Your comfort is key for us.

We understand that there are lots of teeth whitening services, and teeth whitening products. It can be difficult to find a reliable service. None of the other whitening providers can use our Ultrawhite™, Nanocroma™, PolarGuard™, GumGuard™, and The Ideal Smile Method, in addition to all of our other unique innovations. You can see from our stunning before and after transformations, having pioneered some of the most effective whitening techniques. All of our services use the proven “Ideal Smile Method.” We are acclaimed by dental professionals and accredited with the latest in teeth whitening certification.

Our team consists of highly trained professionals who specialize in teeth whitening. We’ve transformed loads of smiles with our advanced techniques and personalized care. Plus, our processes are transparent, and we’re here to address any concerns, so you feel assured every step of your journey. Check our results page to see what you might expect from our services.

Understanding the concern for over-whitening and the desire for a natural look, we’ve integrated specific measures to ensure safety and satisfaction. Our process begins with a detailed assessment of your current dental shade and overall oral health, utilizing our advanced Nano Chroma™ technology for precise shade matching. This allows us to set a clear, achievable target that complements your natural coloring. Furthermore, our treatments are closely monitored by experienced professionals, and we employ customized protocols, such as the application of our Polar Guard™ anti-sensitivity formula, to protect against over-whitening and maintain the integrity of your enamel. We’re not just focused on whitening; we’re dedicated to enhancing the beauty of your smile in the most natural and healthy way possible.

Absolutely, trusting someone with your dental needs, especially when it comes to achieving that perfect smile, is crucial. Here’s why you can confidently consider us for your teeth whitening needs, distinguishing us from traditional dental services:

Think of us as specialized experts in teeth whitening—this is our specialty, it’s what we do passionately, all day, every day. Just as you’d seek out a well-known poutine restaurant for the best poutine rather than heading to the supermarket, for top-notch whitening results, turning to specialists like us makes a significant difference.

One common issue with many dental offices is their reliance on over-the-counter whitening solutions available in Canada, which, frankly, offer the same level of effectiveness as whitening strips you might use at home. If you’re aiming for professional, standout results without years of back-and-forth treatments, coupled with the undesirable pain and sensitivity, there’s a better option.

Achieving professional whitening results akin to our standards would typically require a trip to the United States, with costs starting at $1500, not including travel expenses. This isn’t just about the monetary investment but also about the time and inconvenience involved.

Furthermore, many services lack anti-sensitivity protocols and advanced tools to accurately determine your ideal teeth shade, risking either over or under-whitening.

This is precisely where we excel. Our team is here to address all these concerns with advanced, dedicated solutions. We offer Ultrawhite™, Nanocroma™, PolarGuard™, and GumGuard™ technologies, and use The Ideal Smile Method to ensure you get swift, stunning results without the discomfort and at an affordable price.

Our commitment:

  • To deliver excellent results quickly
  • Ensure a pain-free and sensitivity-free experience
  • Providing value that’s worth your investment

Trusting us means opting for a service completely focused on delivering the best in teeth whitening with your comfort and satisfaction as top priorities.

While professional teeth whitening may seem more expensive than over-the-counter strips at first glance, the real value comes from the results and safetyProfessional whitening is customized for your dental needs, ensuring a visibly brighter smile achieved safely under expert care.

The effectiveness of professional treatments means fewer sessions are needed, unlike the frequent use of strips that often result in inconsistent or minimal results. In the long term, investing in professional whitening is not only more cost-effective but also avoids the accumulated expense and potential enamel damage from continuous use of over-the-counter products. Plus, our clinic offers flexible payment plans, making professional whitening accessible without stretching your budget.

Absolutely, professional teeth whitening offers long-lasting results, significantly more enduring than those achieved with over-the-counter options. This longevity is thanks to the advanced techniques and high-quality products we use, focused on not only making an immediate impact but also ensuring durability.

However, the lifespan of your whitening results can be influenced by your lifestyle choices post-treatment, like consuming staining substances (e.g., coffee, tea, red wine) and how well you stick to good oral hygiene practices. We provide aftercare advice and support to help you extend the brilliance of your smile. For keeping your smile bright over the long term, touch-up treatments are also available.

We understand that life can get hectic, which is why we’ve designed our teeth whitening services to fit seamlessly into even the busiest schedules.

Our treatments are efficient and effective, requiring only a minimal amount of your time to achieve noticeable results. Furthermore, we offer flexible scheduling, including appointments during lunch breaks, early mornings, or later in the evenings, ensuring you can find a time that works best for you. Our aim is to make the process as accommodating and hassle-free as possible, so achieving that brilliant smile doesn’t have to mean rearranging your life.