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Transformative Teeth Whitening at Upwhiten, Ottawa

After numerous letdowns with teeth whitening at various dentists, my partner and I were frankly quite skeptical about trying again. Past attempts left us with minimal changes and increased sensitivity, making us doubt the possibility of achieving a bright smile without the discomfort. UpWhiten in Ottawa’s initial consultation wasn’t the smoothest. Their fancy technology talk (“nanocroma” and “polar guard”) felt a bit overwhelming at first. We just wanted to know – could they really whiten our teeth and keep them comfortable, especially with Emily’s sensitivity issues? Thankfully, our doubts were quickly erased…

Highlights from Our Upwhiten Experience:

  • Welcoming and Understanding Consultation: Unlike the standard, hurried consultations at dental offices, Upwhiten provided a refreshingly detailed and empathetic discussion. They genuinely listened to our concerns and past experiences, promising a distinctive method that immediately set us at ease.
  • Customized Treatment with Nanocroma Shade Mapping: Upwhiten’s use of Nanocroma Shade Mapping technology was a game-changer. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, this technology allowed for a highly personalized plan specifically for us, identifying our starting shades and accurately forecasting the number of sessions needed to achieve our ideal shades. This level of customization and precision was unprecedented.
  • Polar Guard Protocol for Comfort: Addressing our previous issues with sensitivity, Upwhiten’s Polar Guard protocol was introduced, targeting comfort throughout the treatment. This careful consideration significantly differed from our past experiences.

The Unforgettable Outcome:

The results were staggering. Our teeth became significantly whiter, exceeding our expectations and surpassing anything we’d achieved with dental treatments. The visual transformation was incredible.

During the treatment, I experienced a slight sensation on my right canine tooth, which was brief and minor. Contrastingly, my husband felt absolutely no discomfort, marking a pleasant and pain-free experience for both of us.

Moreover, the detailed Nanocroma shade mapping passionately showed us the journey from our current shade to our ideal outcome, making the process transparent and exciting.

The Impact:

Leaving Upwhiten, not only were our smiles brighter, but we were also profoundly impressed by the studio’s commitment to a sensitivity-free experience. The combination of comfort and remarkable results is rare and truly commendable.

The immediate boost in our confidence was striking. A radiant, bright smile has an incredible transformative power.

What sets Upwhiten apart isn’t just the outstanding whitening results; it’s the personalized care, cutting-edge technology, and thoughtful approach that deliver those results. For those let down by traditional dental whitening, Upwhiten presents a compelling, effective alternative that stands in a league of its own. Our radiant smiles are the best proof of Upwhiten’s excellence.


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Jacob & Emily | Ottawa

“As for the results, they’ve helped us get 24.8 shades whiter, and Jacob’s even topped that at 26.9 which is crazy. Unbelievable work

Lisa | Ottawa

“Despite feeling a little sensitive in the beginning, I’m blown away by the results. Saw a 27.9 shade improvement in my smile.”

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Michael | Ottawa

“Upwhiten has beaten out every other teeth whitening provider I have ever worked with in the past decade”